Lindsay C. Cutshall
[09/09/81 - 08/15/04]

Lindsay & Jason
Jason S. Allen
[05/16/78 - 08/15/04]

♥ "The sun is going down on the horizon, and all I see is the beams shining on the cliff face, and I know that God is awesome. I look around and see His Creation all around me." --Lindsay ♥                                                                                 ♥ "As I stir this Mac & Cheese, I think to myself, what a wonderful life. I've just spent two awesome days with my fiance, Lindsay. Can life ever be so perfect? Only with a person who is so great. God gives me this privilege in life and He has given me a wonderful woman to enjoy it with." --Jason ♥                                                                                 ♥ "Live for things in heaven, not on earth." --Lindsay ♥                                                                                 ♥ "Heaven will be a wonderful place of no suffering, hurt, loneliness; it's a great thing to look forward to." --Lindsay ♥

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Horrific news... it was just reported that Jason and Lindsay were found murdered (PDF) yesterday afternoon on a beach in Sonoma County, California. I don't even know what to do with this information... I am numb. It appears as if they had decided to spend a night sleeping on the beach in their sleeping bags. I'm sure they had done this many times before in the mountains, because they were very adventurous, "outdoorsy" people. Both were really into kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, etc. Both were trained in wilderness survival and were in elite physical shape. But neither one of them probably ever dreamed that they were putting themselves into such danger by sleeping on a beach near San Francisco. They were both still in their sleeping bags when their bodies were found. We don't know any details yet, just that they were definitely murdered. It's too horrific for me to actually comprehend at this point. Their families are in such grief right now. The thing is, Jason and Lindsay were engaged to be married on September 11... in a mere THREE weeks. My sister Sara just got married last week Friday! I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to find out that your sibling and his/her fiance were MURDERED only three weeks before their wedding. And what's even worse... my sister Sara is best friends with Jason's sister. Sara called me today to wish me a happy birthday, but I didn't say a thing about Jason and Lindsay, because Sara and my brother-in-law, Dave, are still on their honeymoon! This is supposed to be an idyllic vacation for them. Little do they know what kind of news they are coming home to. I'm not sure I want to be there when my sister finds out. I am so in shock right now. I still live next door to the house where Jason grew up... and I cry every time I look over there. There is a tree in the front yard that Jason and I used to climb all the time when we were kids. Jason loved climbing all the way up to the "tippy top" with me to eat our lunches up there. We were crazy kids. :) I have so many memories. I will cherish those memories forever. It's amazing how something like this can make you appreciate things, and your loved ones, so much more. I'm not sure I will ever fully get over this... but I am VERY comforted in knowing that Jason and Lindsay both loved Jesus and that they are home with Him now. Someday I WILL see them again and that is awesome. In the meantime, they will be GREATLY missed.

(Jesus said:) "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die." --John 11.25-26

Remembering Jason:

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[Me and Jason at 2 1/2 years old.]

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[LEFT to RIGHT: Marianne (friend), Liz (friend), me, & Jason... at my 6th birthday party.]
(Hard to imagine this was exactly 21 years ago from today.)

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[LEFT to RIGHT: Jason, Sara (my sister), Elizabeth (his sister), & me... filling up the "kiddie pool."]


P.S. Today is my 27th birthday. I'm in no mood to celebrate. Tears are pouring down my face.


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