Lindsay C. Cutshall
[09/09/81 - 08/15/04]

Lindsay & Jason
Jason S. Allen
[05/16/78 - 08/15/04]

♥ "The sun is going down on the horizon, and all I see is the beams shining on the cliff face, and I know that God is awesome. I look around and see His Creation all around me." --Lindsay ♥                                                                                 ♥ "As I stir this Mac & Cheese, I think to myself, what a wonderful life. I've just spent two awesome days with my fiance, Lindsay. Can life ever be so perfect? Only with a person who is so great. God gives me this privilege in life and He has given me a wonderful woman to enjoy it with." --Jason ♥                                                                                 ♥ "Live for things in heaven, not on earth." --Lindsay ♥                                                                                 ♥ "Heaven will be a wonderful place of no suffering, hurt, loneliness; it's a great thing to look forward to." --Lindsay ♥

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Book written by Jason's mom, now available in paperback!

A while back, I posted that Jason's mom wrote a book, but at the time, it was only available in digital format.

I am excited to announce that it is now available in paperback on Amazon! :) Here is the description written by Jason's mom:

"This is the story of the tragic murders of our son, Jason Allen, and his fiancee, Lindsay Cutshall, on a secluded beach in California in 2004. It is also the story of God's faithfulness in providing for us during the most difficult journey of our lives and how His grace helped us through the grieving process."

Click here to view the Amazon listing if you're interested in purchasing this beautiful book! (There is currently no photo shown of the cover on the Amazon listing, but it looks like the photo above.)

If you prefer a digital format:

  • Individuals with iBooks on their home computer or iPad can download the digital e-book here.
  • Android (Kindle/Nook) version available here.
  • You can purchase & download a PDF copy here.


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